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Superannuation and Retirement Calculator

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Are you on track for retirement?

How much superannuation do you currently have saved? Are you on track for a comfortable retirement? Use this Superannuation and Retirement Calculator (Retirement Super Tracker) to check your progress.

Retirement Super Tracker

Our Retirement Super Tracker calculator helps you determine what your expected superannuation benefit may be (in today's dollars) when you retire. You can adjust contribution amounts and expected investment returns to see what effect they have on the final benefit. You can then work out how long an expected superannuation benefit might last during retirement.

This calculator generates factual information about superannuation and allocated pensions. It does not constitute a recommendation or statement of opinion about superannuation and is not intended to be relied upon for the purpose of making a decision in relation to a financial product.

The calculator considers only a limited range of issues and does not consider all of your personal circumstances. We suggest you consider seeking advice from Money Solutions before making any financial decision.