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Our Services

Since 1995, Money Solutions has been helping Australians make smarter money choices. Our low cost range of financial advice and education services delivers benefits for employees, employers and super funds.
  • Financial Services Guide (FSG)

    Read about Money Solutions, our services, our service benefits, the financial products we use, our fee structure and our associations.

  • Money Education

    Money Solutions has helped educate thousands of working Australians so they can become more involved in their financial futures. Learn more about money online or attend a seminar. More

  • Money Coaching

    Can’t afford a full financial plan? Just want to find out how to consolidate your super? Or how to boost savings for retirement? Get help over the phone from our Money Coaches. It’s quick, easy and affordably priced.More

  • Financial Planning & Advice

    Want to plan for your future? Want to maximise your retirement savings? Our Financial Planners can work with you to develop an investment road map that’s tailored to your personal situation. More

  • Superannuation - Advice and education

    Need help with a superannuation issue? Want to learn more about super? Money Solutions can help boost your super savings with our unique combination of advice & education. More

  • For Employers

    Financially stressed employees are less productive and more accident-prone. Money Solutions can help your employees get smarter with money. We can make a significant contribution to the performance and morale of your organisation through our interactive education and advice services. More

  • For Super Funds

    By improving the financial well-being of fund members, Money Solutions can help super funds enhance their brand offering, member retention and funds under management. More