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Consolidating your super

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If you’re like most people, your super savings are spread across several different funds. Every time you’ve changed jobs, you’ve probably started contributing to a new fund. Unfortunately, every fund charges fees. The more funds you have, the more fees you’ll be paying. Here we look at consolidating your super – putting all your super savings into one fund. It can save you money and make it easier to track your super.

Steps to consolide your super

  1. Why you should consolidate your super
  2. Finding your super
  3. Choosing your one consolidated Superannuation Fund

1. Why you should consolidate your super

Superannuation funds charge fees to manage your savings. Some of the charges are the same whether you have $100 in savings or $1 million. To reduce the fees you pay, it can sometimes make sense to consolidate your super – to put all your savings into one fund. Let’s see the difference it can make to fees.

Case Study - Consolidating super

Carter is an electrician who had his super savings spread across three different funds. He rolled his super savings into a single fund, and reduced his fees from 2% of his super savings to just 1%. What difference will this make to his retirement savings?


  Before consolidation After consolidation

Number of super funds



% paid in super fees



Carter’s savings at retirement



Find out who'll retire with more

2. Finding your super

To consolidate your super, first you need to find the details of all your various super funds. If you’ve lost the paperwork – no problem. We can help you.
Simply call us between 8am and 6pm EST Mon-Fri on 1800 046 144 or email us

Finding lost super

Maybe you’ve lost track of some of your super. At the end of 2005, the Australian Tax Office held $8.2 billion in lost or unclaimed super savings. Could some of it be yours? To find out, get your tax file number, and click here to go to the Super Seeker site.

3. Choosing your one consolidated superannuation fund

When consolidating your super, you need choose one fund. You can either choose the super fund yourself, or we can help you. Which option suits you?

I’d like to learn how to choose the right super fund

I’d like Money Solutions to help choose my super fund. Call us on 1800 046 144 or email us.

Where to now?

Consolidating your super is a great way to start taking control of your finances. There is much more we can do to help guide you to a brighter financial future. Here are some options: