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Starting a new job

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If you’re starting a new job, you might need to choose a Superannuation Fund for your employer to deposit employer contributions. This is also a great time to make a fresh start on your finances.

Super fund choice – what does it mean?

Your employer must make contributions towards your superannuation at 9% of your pre-tax pay. Since July 1 2005, employers have also been required to offer all eligible employees “Super Fund choice”. ie They must offer a choice of funds into which these compulsory contributions are paid. Not all employees are eligible.

Are you eligible for Super Fund choice?

Here is a guide about who is eligible for Super Fund choice and who isn’t:

Eligible for Super Fund choice Not eligible for Super Fund choice
You are generally eligible if you are: You may not be eligible to choose your super fund if you are:
  • employed under a federal award
  • employed under a former state award now known as a “notional agreement preserving state award”
  • employed under any award or agreement that DOES NOT require superannuation support
  • NOT employed under any state award or industrial agreement
  • employed under a workplace agreement
  • employed under a certified agreement
  • employed under a state industrial award
  • in a particular type of defined benefit fund or have reached a certain level in a defined benefit fund.
  • Some government employees are also ineligible.

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Why your fund choice matters

It’s important you choose the right Super Fund because it can make a big difference to the money you have in retirement. Consider Colin and Karen's case.

Case study - Why Super Fund choice matters

Colin and Karen both work for a well-known confectionery maker. They are both offered a choice of Super Funds. Colin doesn’t give the decision much thought and chooses Fund A. Karen analyses her options and chooses Fund B. Who will have more money in retirement?


Colin – Super Fund A

Karen – Super Fund B

Current annual income



Employer contributions



Additional contributions



Projected savings at retirement



Find out who'll retire with more


Choosing the right Superannuation Fund

Obviously you need to choose the super fund that’s right for you because it could seriously affect how much money you have in retirement. You can choose this super fund yourself, or we can help you. Which option best suits you?

How to register your Super Fund choice

Your employer should give you a Standard Choice Form within 28 days of you starting work (if you’re eligible to choose your super fund). After you’ve completed the form and returned it, your employer has two months to begin making contributions into your chosen fund. If you don’t nominate a fund, your employer contributions will go into a default fund.

Taking charge of your financial future

When you start a new job, it’s a great opportunity to make a fresh start financially. You’ve probably intended to start looking at your future. Why not start your future right now? We can help. Here are some great options to help set you on the track to a brighter financial future.

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